You are a miracle worker.

So impressed, Elizabeth, you really captured the mood of Centre Stage.

I am over the moon and definitely want to order some prints!

Carole O'Shea - Principal Centre Stage school of performing arts, London


Absolutely LOVE your amazing work and amazing talent.

Andy McColl - Broadcast Journalist and Software Trainer


You are such a talent, Elizabeth, you captured the magic of the day perfectly! Such beautiful work.

Sally Manning - Owner at Cloud 9 Management

The perfect person for the job!

David Burrowes MP (Enfield Southgate)

There are no words; this one hits me straight in the heart!

Ward Norris - Tennessee, USA


Utterly talented photographer, Elizabeth, you are so kind, I really value your professional excellence and thoughtfulness – a rare combination! You are a great artist, so talented and innovative, I have a superstar photographer doing magic!

Superb, the energy just hits you in the face –  very powerful fantastic editing!!  Well done – legend – totally!! Thank you so much Elizabeth for everything – I am so lucky to find you, you really are a world class act!

Susan Bookbinder - acclaimed Broadcaster, Journalist and Media Trainer

A genius for sure! You make me look better and younger than I really am!

Maria Alexandrou - London N14

Such a brilliant photographer!

Michael Redrobo - photographer, Aberdeen


You have the magic touch, Elizabeth, I love your photos!

A J Tracy - Fine Artist

Oh my goodness Elizabeth!!!!! You are the only, the magical artistic photographer!!! Each shot has your amazing artistic input and thought, and so emotional & energetic. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Sonoki Organ - Theatre Design / Artist

Brilliant pictures and unusual, unique aspects. You really do have an eye for detail and for seeing beyond the obvious.

Frank Barraclough - Founder and owner Barraclough and Stiles Opticians

Wow Elizabeth! Every time I think they cannot get any better, you exceed - brilliant!

Zak Tinawi - Kensington, London

I love your photos! You really know how to photograph me!

Mimi Harker OBE - ‎Chairman of Council at Chiltern District Council

You are sooooooo damn good!

Felicity Catchpole - Chef

Elizabeth has a unique professional "eye" for her subjects and that, combined with her technical knowledge and bubbly personality makes a photo-shoot with her such great fun.

Norma Morris - Partner, Curwens Solicitors, Enfield

I'd rather have you!

Andre Chris - CEO Havilands estate agents, London N21

Elizabeth, you are the best photographer I have ever seen. I am not beautiful but you make the miracle!

Sannata Ramdoo - Enfield

Very talented, Elizabeth, great photos!

Mark Brinkley - owner/director Bennett Walden Estate Agents


You are so talented with your pictures!

Brian Silver - Edgware, London UK

Fantastic pictures, amazing.

Gonul Daniels - Parliamentary Candidate for Edmonton, London


Elizabeth, I thought about you on more than one occasion, especially every time I am in my local "artist painting and photo store" looking for something loud and proud for my living room..  Something above the couch that says "wow" look at that.  The only person I am convinced can get me what I want is you.  Please point me to an awesome picture you have taken that I can possibly purchase and display proudly on a bare wall in my home!

Ron Kovacs, New York City - owner


I will treasure this happy photo till the end of eternity! Elizabeth Whycer does lovely photos and has a good personality to go with it!

Gina Smith - Enfield, London UK

What lovely photos! Can't thank you enough, what a talent you have!

Victoria Moss - Riding Instructor, Barnet

May your camera be forever clicking, you bring joy to many!

Paul Whittingham


Thanks for the photographic entertainment, I really loved it. Such talent! By the way, I bought a stack of your beautiful zebra cards from Medici.

Anoushka Nova -  Publisher, London


Elizabeth blends both creative and technical to produce outstanding results every time.

David Johnson - IT manager

Beautiful photographs, much joy!

Malka Emmert


My brilliant photographer!

Asiah Samuels-Baxter - Style Me Image Consultancy Ltd


Elizabeth is a most accomplished photographer. I admire her. I'm inspired by her work, as well as her work ethic. She is always fresh and creates exceptional and provocative images.

Charles A Tijou - Photographer, Writer, Artist


Elizabeth is a tremendously enthusiastic lady, a commercial photographer and photographic editor, ideal for publicity photographs, product launches etc. You will be amazed at how much energy she has!

Mike Beasant  - Creative & Dynamic Hypnotherapist & Trainer


A big shout out for Elizabeth Whycer a wonderful photographer!! Those that know me you will know how much I dislike having my photo taken!! I was a pretty little miss back in the day but age does something to you and I avoid photos if i can ......Well Elizabeth was gentle, funny and professional, she really put me at my ease and we had a great couple of hours together!! So if you need photos she might just be the Gal for you!! Thank you Elizabeth Whycer!

Glynes Mewton - Hypnotherapist and Life Coach


I love all the photographs, thank you for making me look so glamorous!

Jill Pay - Consultant at Battersea


WOW! They are absolutely amazing, thank you so much!

Lisa Besemer - Playschool Assistant, London UK

Very special work, you are SO talented! Wonderful images!

Pam Pecko Smith - jazz singer


Absolutely beautiful pictures.

Neelam Jagasia - spiritual psychologist


Thank you for designing my amazing website with such vibrant and incredible photos! You are brilliant and I don't want anyone else's photos of me, only yours.

Neil De Ville - Classical and Spanish guitarist


WOW! I love the pics Elizabeth, you are an AWESOME photographer!

Steve Stone - guitarist/musician

Your photos are stunning!

Norma Lewis - Owner at Norma Lewis Nannies, London UK


Thanks for pictures of me in a good light, this lady is a subtle photographer!

Mary Duggan - Enfield Poets, London UK


What a great job, Elizabeth - you have transformed me!

Bindya Amin - Old Enfield Charitable Trust

The talented Elizabeth Whycer! Contact her for excellent photography!

Pam Pecko Smith - jazz singer


Fabulous, terrific, so very creative. Wonderful work, now I must come to your next exhibition!

Nick de Bois  - author of "Confessions of a Recovering MP" (Enfield North)


WOW, I look so handsome! Thank you so much Elizabeth!

Alvin Soudranayagam - Personal Advisor, Santander Bank, Enfield


Stunning! When I write my recipe book I'd like you to do the photography!

Paul Da Costa Greaves - Celebrity Chef


Thanks so much for all these fab images! It was great to meet you last week at such a dynamic session. Thank you for capturing the event for us all!

Helene Martin Gee - Pink Shoe Club founder and senior Parliamentary Adviser


How very kind of you to send me your wonderful photographs. They are much more realistic and capture the atmosphere of the show better than anything our official photographer took and I am delighted to have them.

Karen Elder - Brilliant Notions


The staff photos are very good and we are going to put them on display in the hotel.

Robin Baxter - manager, Palace Hotel, Buxton








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